The Do’s and Don’ts of Divorce


Do you fear your divorce will ruin your children’s lives forever? Feeling helpless and overwhelmed with what to do or NOT to do with your children in regard to the divorce?

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How to Keep Your Sanity, Protect Your Children and Live in Peace

Do you fear your divorce will ruin your children’s lives forever? Feeling helpless and overwhelmed with what to do or NOT to do with your children in regard to the divorce? Psychotherapist Dilyse Diaz created The Do’s and Don’ts of Divorce as an invaluable blueprint to keep your sanity, protect your children, and live in peace. This tool kit provides crucial perspectives from children of divorce that will help you empathize with your own children, and alleviate your painful feelings of guilt, shame, and loss. More than ever, your children need security, support and stability. Your decision to invest in your lives will create the peace, love and encouragement that you all need to survive.

Critical information and easy to understand strategies that help adults support children before, during, and long after their parents separate and divorce.
Use this easy-to-read, hands-on manual for 42 life-changing tips that will change the entire course of your child’s experience for the best outcome possible during the toughest times.
–Quotes from real children help adults understand their child’s perspective.
–Empower YOURSELF no matter how HORRIBLE your EX is!

Customer reviews:

I recommend this book to ANYONE touched by divorce. I’ve been divorced for two years now. My deepest pain and despair stems from my fear that divorce will hurt my children in an irreparable way. I have felt such sadness knowing that as a result of my choice they will now have to identify with being from a divorced family…something I could never have imagined they would have had to relate to. After reading Dilyse’s book, I have clarity and hope. This was a quick read that got right to the heart of how I can protect my children and take care of both them and myself. Dilyse acknowledges that divorce will change the the way my boys will experience their childhood but, the way I take care of myself and them will make the difference between a hopeful, encouraging, loving, healing, growing future for them or one filled with buried feelings and emotional burdens. They can take either one into their future and we as parents get the honor of supporting our children in finding positive solutions for processing painful circumstances. Dilyse describes just how to do that in this easy to read, hopeful book. It is exactly what I hoped to find and needed to read. It is a great reminder of how important it is for me to take care of myself, so I can be the present parent I need to be for them. Divorce is painful. Dilyse gives us concrete information and examples of how to embrace what has (or is happening) happened as well as how to help ourselves and our children have a bright and wonderful future. For anyone who has or is experiencing divorce … THIS BOOK IS A MUST HAVE!

G Biss:
Terrific book by an experienced and talented therapist. There is nothing easy about divorce but this book provides a valuable helping hand to make the process easier, while protecting those who matter most – the children caught in the wake. The great action steps provided with each section ensure you find ways to use and benefit from the sage advice offered. I look forward to more books by Dilyse Diaz.

This is a Great go to guide for families even though my children are grown It was very useful in helping me and then deal with the divorce. It gives you a totally different perspective that you might not have thought of . It’s never too late to add good skills to your family it’s an ongoing learning experience.
This book provides 41 text that are good for every day life not just dealing with divorce. I would highly recommend it.

very helpful especially of you have kids. We think the kids are ok and we really need to make them a priority … this book offers great solutions on how to do that, and the kids will be much better off!

RA Mom:
This book is amazing. It really is guide to getting you through the painful divorce journey. The children are and should be the most important focus and Dilyse really shows you how to do that. I’m so appreciative of this info. I really feel my children will not only be ok but will flourish!

Christine Bresler:
The Guidance and wisdom of the writer is clearly shown through the pages of this book. Reading and listening to the Do’s and Don’t have defiantly helped me navagate though the toughest time of my life let alone my kids. I highly recommend reading this book!

Very helpful, easy to read, good examples, love the way the author encourages and guides you through the do and don’ts. Look no further, buy this book.

Bill H:
If you are in the midst of a breakup and you have children, this will be the best $5.00 you ever spent. This is a practical easy to read guide that will help your children survive and thrive under a circumstance outside of thier control. Every parent facing a divorce or breakup owes it to thier children to read this book! I wish it were published 25 years ago.