8 things that can completely transform your life in a year. by Dilyse Diaz, L.M.F.T.

1. Spend quiet time each day, everyday, unplugged from everyone and everything and be still. Clear your mind of all the racing thoughts, to-do lists and emotions you’ve got going on. When you breath and intentionally become quiet and still, your intuition or your inner-guidance system WILL reveal your exciting next steps to take for you to create a great life. Start with a practice of 5 minutes or more, faithfully carving out this quiet moment just for you. See if you can increase the time you can be still and build on your ability to maintain that quiet time (stillness) for even longer. This is what meditation is.

2. Choose to zip it (which means stop talking) and listen more without thinking of your response to what you are hearing. Learn to just take things in and think about what your hearing. Learn to contemplate new thoughts and ideas and chew on them a while before spitting out your knee-jerk responses.

3. Look around your life right here, right now, and say out loud to yourself or write down what you love about what you’re experiencing, seeing, feeling, and noticing. Notice the abundance and beauty then say or write, “I love….(whatever you are noticing and appreciating). Then say something else you love and appreciate and keep doing this repeating the complete sentence while adding different aspects of what you are noticing for 68 seconds or more and pay attention to how great you feel after you’re done.

4. Do you something random and kind for someone. Think of someone in your life you know needs a boost, or encouragement, or an actual physical item. Now go give it to them. Do it selflessly without expectation of anything in return.

5.  Do something that brings you total joy and happiness every single day. Make time for you. Fill your cup. The more full you are, the more you have to give away.

6. Read a new book every month (or every week depending on how ambitious you are) or sign up for an online course to expand your life and study new, good habits and practice your new tools and take-always from what you read.

7. Earthing (Grounding). This means spending time barefooted allowing your physical body to make direct contact with the earth. The vibrations that go into your body coming from the earth are extremely healing. Google it and learn more about it. I recommend that you spend time outside in nature Earthing every single day for 5-10 minutes or more to start.

8. Listen to binaural beats. Search YouTube and type in binaural beats deep sleep…or binaural beats create more happiness…or binaural beats calm my anxiety…or heal my back pain…decrease stress or increase focus. The hertz frequencies are different for whatever you’re looking for and they help you heal from the inside out on a cellular level. Listen to some form of binaural beats every day to improve first add a subconscious level.

Taking care of you, learning how to fill your life with wellness in every single area… Mentally, physically, financially, spiritually, personally, and relationally… Is everything. If you want to experience a great life then learn to practice the habits that will get you exactly what you say you want.

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This time is about getting creative so let’s do this together and help make our own lives in the world a more peaceful place.