16 Proven Solutions to “Find Happy” in 2016

Don’t miss the TOP 16 solutions to create your happiest life. Check ’em out.

Solution #7--Make your own love list

What excites you?

A “Love List” is a compilation of 20 or more things you love to do in life.  The items on your list should range from small, easy things to do right then and there, as well as BIG things that...Read More »

Solution #6--Serve Others to Find Happy Yourself

You can make this world a better place.

You will never succeed in your own goals until you learn how to serve others well.
Have you experienced the truth that when you give generously you receive gifts far beyond...Read More »

Solution # 5--Stop lying to yourself. It could destroy you.

Learning to accept the reality of any situation

Do you create stories about how someone should act?
Do you have fantasies about how someone in your life should change?
Are you going through an unfair, horrible situation?
Are you mad, resentful, bitter,...Read More »

Solution #4 --Drink. Drink. Drink. Water. Water. Water.

Here is what can happen if you don’t.

It may seem like no big deal to read about or listen to something as basic as the importance of drinking water, but the reality is, being educated and well-informed CAN change...Read More »

Solution #3--Five Ways to Crack a Whip

Nothing changes unless you change

You can read something inspiring, hear something exciting, be shown the perfect way to make a change in your life, and be led down all the right paths, discovering great solutions to make your...Read More »

Solution #2 --Suck on your oxygen mask first.

Don’t Be Selfish

Are you one of those people that think ”self-care” is ”selfish?” OH NO!  If you are, PLEASE hear me. It is not selfish to do things to nurture and take care of yourself, but rather, it...Read More »

Solution # 1 --Give your heart away. Be love-Get love.

Don’t Take It Personally

How often do you get upset at someone because they are rude to you? Do you realize you are taking their issues personally? Here’s a fact: no one else’s attitude has anything to do with...Read More »